Open the World

The works were inspired by the artist’s field visits at multiple historical sites in Thailand and was moved by the loss and destruction of valuable tokens. The cause of the smuggling trade historical objects, so the head of Thai Buddha were popular product in antique trade market. The head of Thai Buddha most found in European and U.S.A. Take a change from worship to the decorations. This artwork develop from Buddha movement “Phra Pang Perd Lok” (OPEN THE WORLD) mixed Plastic toy that popular around the world. To the question and interpretation about concept of my artworks.

“I present the problem of illegal excavation. Ruins of antiquities and antiques in Thailand I sculpted the Buddha image. Which is derived from. The Buddha image in the pagoda at Chedi Seven. Sri Satchanalai District Sukhothai Province the Buddha was smashed the head. When I searched, it found that. Thai Buddha’s head was sold to many countries in Europe and America. And the head of the Buddha. They are not worshiped like Eastern beliefs. Back to show or just decorate in only. I feel very depressed and sad. I created a sculpture of a Buddha image without a head. By the way, I brought the European Lego toys to add to the integrity of the Buddha. The toys used can convey meaning to the problem. And to reduce the value of Buddha head. In Europe and America I want to raise awareness for the audience to love and cherish national treasures and show the foreigners the problems of illegal trafficking in Thailand. In the future, Thai people may not have a complete Buddha statue in various ages, so that children can learn to learn it.”

Open the World
Fiberglass,  Plastic toy
72 x 38 x 188 cm.


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