Solo Exhibition at Singapore

This solo exhibition I used of everyday objects, combined with his exceptional sculpturing skill to create works of art that questions and challenges the audience’s view, experience and memories on the value and the significance from the historical cultures and beliefs to historical buildings and objects.

This series of artworks present mainly Buddha and other deity images; how the image changes according to the conditions of the era and various factors that affecting it.

“I assemble plastic toys to replace the missing parts of Buddhist statues. In Thailand, Buddhist statues are beheaded at archaeological sites, temples and other important religious sites. I have also found out that many heads and ancient artifacts made their way to museums and private collections in different countries in Europe and America.

The traumatizing issue is that the heads of Buddhist statues are not revered by these collectors.  Rather, they are used to decorate homes, staircases and even hat racks. The use of these building blocks, which are plastic toys invented in Europe, in my work should be able to adequately demonstrate the changed values of Buddhism and lead to a sense of imagination, because the imaginations of our younger generations do not view ancient artifacts as the roots of their wisdom.”

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